This tool is safe, easy, and quick to use.  No more struggling to get a container door closed or opened.

Have you ever bruised your elbow, arm, hand or fingers trying to get a container door closed or opened?  The "Gorilla Handle" makes the job easier.  No more looking around for 2x4's, bricks, pipe, and other items that bring frustration and possible injury to drivers.

But, that's not all.  It's three tools in one.  It's also a tire knocker and pin puller.  The "Gorilla Handle" has been carefully engineered by the Haile Tool, LLC Company.  Drivers who use the "Gorilla Handle" say they won't be without it.  Comes with a 90 Day Warranty.  You will love it!

The "Gorilla Handle"

Engineered for the Transportation Industry

The "Gorilla Handle"

Tire Thumper

‚ÄčLeveraging Tool

5th Wheel Pin Puller